Who We Are

Solennial Wealth Management is a financial planning company based in Tallahassee, Florida, aiming to create a balanced financial plan for clients who want to achieve their financial aspirations while also living a fulfilled life. Find out more about us through our philosophy and approach.


Police Officers


Company Services

Solennial Wealth Management offers in-depth financial planning, 403(b)’s, 401(k)’s, SEP IRA’s, profit sharing plans, defined benefit and defined contribution plans through plan sponsors. We provide services such as investment management, performance reviews, investment committee oversight, investment policy statement guidance, and fiduciary services to both the private sector for institutions and nonprofit organizations and the public sector, including, but not limited to, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Schools Districts, and Sheriff Departments.

Solennial: Greek term for occurring once a year; annual
Sunrise: Represents sun rising on a new and brighter financial time in one's life
Bull: Represents the desire for a bullish market
Green: Represents the monetary and financial aspect of the business